Light Management Sensor

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Product Description

Light Management Sensor.

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  • Checks the presence and light level continuously, switches your lights off when there is sufficient natural light
  • Occupancy mode
  • Can be used with push-button Cat.No 0 770 40 for vacancy mode
  • Infrared and ultrasonic Lighting Management sensors for workplaces, allowing precise presence detection as soon as the wave transmitted by the sensor is modified
  • Precise on-site adjustment using configuration tool
  • Download the Installation Instructions here
  • Suitable for meeting room, classroom, open space, etc.
  • Dual technology ceiling-mounting Lighting management sensors, 360°
  • Infrared and ultrasonic detection, Ø8 m
  • IP 20
  • 3-wire with neutral
  • Optimum distance between 2 sensors: 6 m
  • Standby consumption: 0.8 W
  • Fix directly to a false ceiling with mounting claws or installed in a Batibox box, depth 50 mm
  • Connection via automatic terminals
  • Operating mode:
    • Vacancy sensing: switched on manually via push-button, switched off automatically via detector or by pressing push-button
    • Occupancy sensing: switched on and off automatically
    • Factory pre-set to occupancy sensing mode. Vacancy sensing mode activated by mobile configurators
  • Light level threshold factory pre-set to 500 lux
  • Factory pre-set time delay 15 minutes
  • Walkthrough function activated
  • Site adjustment with mobile configurators Cat.Nos 0 882 30/35
  • Serial wiring Phase + Neutral + Source
  • With terminals to connect the push-button including push-buttons with LED indicator Cat.Nos 0 770 40/33
  • For controlling light sources:
    • 2,000 W max 230 V halogen
    • 1,000 VA max ELV halogen, fluorescent bulb with ballast
    • 500 W max with compact fluorescent light and LED
  • Recommended fixing height: 2.50 m
  • Fixed directly to a false ceiling with mounting claws or installed in Batibox flush-mounting box with depth of 50mm
  • Surface mounted with accessory Cat.No 0 488 75
  • Infrared and ultrasonic detector 360°
  • This dual technology allows presence to be detected precisely as soon as the wave issued by the detector is modified
  • Consumption 0.8W on standby

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