Remote Trip Head Isolator 2P 6kA 63A

sku: 406528
Product Description

Remote Trip Head Isolator 2P 6kA 63A

Dispatched in 72 hours

  • Remote trip head isolating switch
  • Red handle
  • Visible contact indication
  • Remote tripping with associated control auxiliary
  • Can be fitted with motorised controls and 2 DX signalling auxiliaries
  • Visual indication of the actual status of the contacts: closed position (red indicator), open position (green indicator)
  • Compatible with prong-type and fork type supply busbars
  • Poles: 2P
  • kA rating: 6kA
  • Amperage: 63A
  • Voltage: 400V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Rail: DIN rail
  • MCB width: 41mm

R 389.00incl. VAT

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